Cloudy Saturday 🐴

Lots of clouds, but no rain to interfere with our breakfast:The birds are on the road (but they are allowed on this road):Rose is at a show in Cedar Rapids, so Chezzie is keeping Jewel company:We’re having hay, so Henry and Charlie (who are on the sick list) don’t have to walk too far if they don’t want to:Charlie’s front right hoof is infected, so she’s not walking well at all:But Henry, who’s getting over an infection under his tail, is actually looking pretty perky:They’re still on their antibiotics and getting TLC. 🐎

Fowl news 🐦

The ducks got their pen moved over some nice new grass:Bill rescued a swallow that got tangled in its nest:We really need to buy a ladder:A stray piece of bird netting got wrapped around its foot.  It will be ok.Oh, and for the past week, we’ve had a pigeon hanging around the farm.  It’s either a homing or racing pigeon, because it has a foot band.You may stay as long as you want, pigeon.Just watch out for the “welcoming committee!” 😺

Pleasant Thursday 🐴

Wake up, sleepy heads!It’s going to be a great day.And our new well is giving us all the clean water we need. 🐎Henry had a nice bath last night.  Please don’t roll in the dirt today, Henry! 🐴

Happiness is a clean duck 🐴

Finally, our new well is hooked up:The ducks are celebrating their crystal clear bath water:And we’ll get baths, too! 🐎

Stay away today, rain! 🐴

We don’t want any rain today, so they can finish our well!

In the meantime, let’s watch Onslow help the cat-cops backup the truck:

Everyone's tired of trucking in our water from East Moline! 😾

Misty Monday 🐴

This morning it’s foggy and steamy—but we’re still glowing from our visit with cousin Georgia!  She’s our favorite Chicagoan and just the best farm girl! Here she is with me!Georgia and Aunt Annie rode Chezzie all around the yard:She is one confident cowgirl!Here she is posing in her Western hat:She also made the ducks happy with lots of mealworms:We can’t wait for another visit!  Hurry back, Georgia! 🐎

Rainy Sunday 🐴

As you can see, it’s raining this morning:Rose, Iris and Chezzie are gossiping about something—they shut up whenever I get close:Last night Bill and Mary noticed that poor Henry had an abscess under his tail.  They worked very hard to drain the swelling. Henry was in some pain, but he was very brave.Here’s Mary injecting the abscess with iodine to help clear out the infection.  Bill has to hold his tail tightly, to keep him from kicking.Then Mary washed the area, including his tail, gave him some pain medicine, and called the vet for advice.Luckily, we have the right antibiotics on hand.Here he was, just after his “ordeal.”  He feels better this morning.  Hang in there, Henry! 🐎

The Department of Horsefarm Security never sleeps 🐴

I’m feeling better today:Iris is sporting her new fly mask:Evil Cat and Major Tom relax after breakfast:And remember—horse, cat, duck and chicken thieves—the DHS is tracking you!Here is Deputy Kanna, keeping watch over the front pasture, late at night:Security is everybody’s job! 😺

I’m under the weather 🐴

Henry is breakfasting outside today,Because I’m in his stall:My right rear foot is sore.I think my hoof is infected.  Unfortunately we missed it when the vet was here yesterday. 🐎So, I’m staying inside until she comes back. I probably just need some antibiotics and a few warm foot baths. 🐴

Dozy Rosie 🐴

I don’t like the look of this—oh no!—it’s the vet!She’s giving shots and taking blood—I can’t watch!And Rose had to have her teeth “floated,” which is a nice way of saying ground down until they are all even.She’ll be ok—she’s just now waking up from the anesthetic. 🐎

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