We get a good look at Sophie! 🐎

Someone has our attention:Why, it’s Sophie! 🐴

Let’s watch a video of us checking each other out:

She’s feeling more at home everyday. 😺

We’re getting our hooves done 🐎

When it’s farrier day. . .Francis will play! 🐴And Stormy got a fresh bandage.  Ann sent pictures to Dr. Danielle and she says it’s looking better. 🐴

Fun in the sun 🐎

We’re all outside, appreciating the sunshine:Schrödinger looks a little grumpy, though, doesn’t he? 😾  I think that’s just because the sun’s in his eyes. 😺

Finally, let’s watch a video of Onslow jumping the fence to get to some fresh duck eggs:


Drying out 🐴

Onslow and Finn play in the duck garage:Major Tom is ready for a nap:And Kanna is already napping:RC, Chezzie and I have determined why breakfast is always late:Too much time is wasted on cat pictures. 😾

Please let us dry out a little 🐴

Hey Schroeder, come out from under those heat lamps!The sun is shining on Baldy:And the sun is shining on me:The sun shines on the fair and the fowl! 🐓

New member of the farm family 🙀

Betty has never seen anything like her:And Onslow is dumbfounded:Henry says, “I’ll look later—I’m eating.”Meet Sophie—Mary’s Russian Wolfhound, also known as a Borzoi—almost 2 years old, with some growing still to do.  She is very gentle and quiet, and her hair is as soft as a bunny’s.She has never seen a chicken before:Here she is, about to pay an introductory visit to Stormy:Stormy is getting his ankles re-bandaged and medicated this morning:He’s doing better to everyone’s delight! 😺

Slow news day 😾

Not much going on, other than it’s rainy:Dr. Danielle visited Stormy last night:We’re keeping an eye on his legs:Please get better, legs. 🐎

Gray (not black) Friday 🐴

Betty is first in line for breakfast:And so am I:A place above Stormy’s rear right hoof still hasn’t healed:So the vet will visit us again this afternoon. 🐴

Cloudy Thursday 🐴

This year we’re thankful for no wind!Onslow and Betty are wrestling, as usual:And Stormy says, “Hello!”“I’m thankful I’m out of my stall!” 🐎

Terribly windy day 🙀

We’re all eating inside today:We haven’t had wind like this in a long time! 🐴

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