We made WGN Radio! 😺

I’m afraid I don’t have much news for you:We’re still counting all the places that covered Noodles and Ann’s story.  Did you know we made the Washington Post?Ann also did an interview with a nice lady on WGN radio!We don’t know how long the link will stay up, but for the time being, you should be able to click the link below, then hit the play button. 😺 )

Misty is still doing ok 🐴

It’s 0℉ this morning, but we’re warming up fast.  Here we are before breakfast, soaking up the sun.  We’re happy our Misty is doing well after her “fainting spell,” and is keeping cozy in her two coats:I’m enjoying the sunshine too much.  I’m having breakfast outside:And poor Evil Cat has an piece of evil hay stuck to his nose:Baldy says, “If you would only hold still, I could peck that right off!” 🐓

Poor Misty! 😿

Oh no!  After dinner, the security camera shows that poor Misty is sick!In the middle of a snowstorm, Dr. Danielle came out late at night and gave her some medicine.  It was very scary until about 8PM.  Misty was having seizures.  But she started seeming better, after we put two horsecoats on her, and warmed her up. Here I am, keeping her company this morning:When she was trying to get up last night, she almost kicked a hole in the stable:We’re keeping an eye on her this morning:And so is Jewel.  We’re so grateful Dr. Danielle and her daughter Bristol came out, in terrible weather, to save our Misty! 😺

We’re on national news! 😺

Oh my goodness!  What is Ann doing on Fox News?Everybody’s talking about Noodles!  Of course, his name is now “Max,” and here he is doing what he loves—sitting on a horse!As you know from our previous posts, A Christmas Miracle and We made the news, we located Max (né Noodles) in his new home, after we thought we lost him forever. We’re so lucky that he was found by another horse farm family! 🐎

Let’s watch this video!  It’s all about how we ended up on the Fox 10PM (CST) news!

How exciting! 🐎

Dukie and Sophie visit! 🐴

Betty has a mouse:And I have a black labrador!Sophie is here, too:It’s too slushy for their walk through the corn field—so they’ll have to make do with the riding arena. 🐺

Fowl deeds 🐓

It’s a special morning.  What’s so special about it?  It’s above freezing!  Time to melt some snow!The ducks haven’t been out in a week. They look happy to be out:Baldy is way over by the hay barn this morning.  He’s trying to talk to Hansel, who, if you look hard, is having a dust bath under the floor:And here’s Baldy sharing some eggs with Finn:Cats love eggs, and so do chickens!It’s too cold for baby chicks, so there’s no sense in letting those tasty yolks go to waste! 🐥

We all have our own kind of coat 🐎

Come on, Betty—don’t get locked in the feed shed again:Buttons says, “You’re right!  I do intend to spend the whole day in front of the heater!”Astrid says, “I’m staying in the nesting box until its time to lay my next egg!”I think we need to turn the lights on:Anyway, here’s Rose in her coat:And Iris has a nice coat, too:Their natural coats aren’t as grown-out as we’d like:I don’t have that problem.  I’m nice and fuzzy! 🐴

What a lovely bird! 🐦

First, let’s have a “Carrot Roll-Call!” 🥕

Here’s Iris:Stormy:Chavez (and his tongue):Misty:Rose:Jewel:RC:And me!Lastly, someone new is paying a visit to our feeders:It’s a red-bellied woodpecker:And it’s a she! 😺

The roads are icy and so is our snow 🙀

The “road” in the snow, between the farm house and our stable, is covered with frozen rain.  Breakfast had to wait until some salt was put down:Anyway, here I am this morning:While we’re eating, Mary and Mara are cleaning our poopies and putting out our hay:Last night we were worried about Alfred. He wouldn’t move from his bed—and HISSED when an attempt was made to pet him:But this morning, he’s moving around, and he looks like he’s feeling better:We hope so! 😺

Cozy kitties 😺

It’s another gray, windy day. I’m staying inside, so let’s look in on the cats.  Alfred is sleeping in Schroeder’s bed:And Onslow is trying to settle in on a saddle!But he knows that he can’t spend the night in the tack room:He’s trying to grab the camera, so there will be no evidence! 😾

Anyway, let’s look at a video of Betty!

Mice are running everywhere! 🐭

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