It’s that time of year again 🐎

We’re in our fly masks:And we’ve also been sprayed:We put out live traps for the possums, but we didn’t catch any (or any cats, either):Hopefully with all the noise we made, they have moved on.

Let’s watch a movie from yesterday:

You’ll get to see Sophie play the part of “possum hound!” 😺

Possum problems 🐴

I thought it would just be another morning. I’m on day two of my green pellet diet:The swallows are gossiping on the fence:But—oh no!—we have possums!  They’re in the yard, acting like they own the place!There are at least 3.  Here’s one in the roof of the duck pen:Here’s one on the old fencing:There are three of them hiding under it:We’ll try the live trap.  But we don’t think we can get rid of them unless we move all this junk.  Possums and ducks don’t mix! 🙀

I’m on a diet 🐴

Schrödinger and Onslow are enjoying the cooler, breezier morning:Although it’s not farm related, here’s a picture of a giant snapping turtle, walking along a sidewalk in Silvis.  They are occasionally seen migrating from pond to pond:And what’s this?  My food is green this morning!  They’ve given me a breakfast of grain and low-calorie hay pellets:Actually, it’s not too bad—so I’ll eat it. 🐴

The first hot day of the year 🐴

It will get close to 90 today.  This morning we have our first peony:But all the excitement was yesterday, when we met Napoleon, the pot-bellied pig!He belongs to Bill’s friend Alex, and he is one-and-a-half months old.  Here he is snuggling up to Alex:Security Chief Schroeder checked him out, and welcomed him as an honorary member of the farm:But the ducks don’t want anything to do with him:

Let’s watch a video of Napoleon exploring the grounds:

What an exciting afternoon! 🐷

Finally, a little sun 🐴

I’m actually casting a shadow this morning:Our irises keep blooming:Breakfast was late, so everybody was out waiting:And Baldy is helping clean up the cat food:It’s his favorite flavor—chicken! 🐓

Itchy horses are lucky! 🍀

An iris is blooming:Schrödinger has his arm around Onslow:Iris is scratching herself on the drainpipe (which explains why it’s almost torn off):Here’s evidence that I’ve been doing some scratching, too:How lucky are we?We not only have four-leaf clovers. . .We have five-leaf clovers! 😺

The squash are blooming! 😺

It’s still cloudy:Pooter is on lockdown because he’s been picking on the other ducks.  He needs a “time out.”Onslow is nosing around in the stable:And we have a squash plant that’s blooming already:They make pretty flowers, don’t they? 🐴

Jewel does not like cats! 😾

It’s cloudy today, but hopefully no rain:Betty is eating the duck corn and chicken layer feed:I wonder how many eggs we’ll get out of her?

Now, let’s watch Jewel make the cats scamper!


Maybe it won’t rain today 😾

Stormy and I are surveying the mud:Schroeder is in the road (bad kitty!):And our friend, Officer Mike, did some weed-wacking for us yesterday:That left us with a lot of freshly cut greens to eat! 🐎

Welcome to Mudville 🐴

It’s another wet, muddy morning:The ducks are finding lots of worms:The geese are on their way back to Canada:The only place that’s not muddy is in the far pasture, way out over the hill:I’m out there, too, far left:Here I am:They promise it will be dryer tomorrow. 🐎

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