It’s time to stretch out! 🐎

It’s 45℉ at 10 o’clock!The ground is dry and warm enough to lay down on.The above pictures are from the security camera that looks over the paddock.  You can see that Iris, RC, Chezzie and Stormy (we think) were sunbathing. 🐴  

Kitties on the hay 😺

Zelda is enjoying the view from the top of the hay.  As you can see, we’re almost up against the roof!Oh look, Onslow has joined her:Other than that. . .It’s a lovely morning and it’s already in the forties! 🐎

My day’s off to a rocky start 🐴

Somebody made a poopie in my dish:I’m going nowhere near it until it’s thoroughly disinfected!I think I’ll eat my hay first, this morning. In the meantime. . .Finn joins us for a drink. . .And so does Pumpkin! 😺

Sunny Thursday 😺

Zelda, Finn, Pumpkin and Kanna are coming to an agreement with Hansel:The chickens will stop eating cat food if the cats will stop eating mealworms.They will have to make their own “treaty” with the ducks. 😾

Sunny Wednesday 🐴

I’ve already been served breakfast:But since this feed bucket is unguarded,I’ll get a headstart on lunch. 🐴 

Everybody dig in! 🐎

Iris is eyes-deep in hay:It’s a good morning to eat outside:It’s still a little cold and windy:So the ducks will be one-legging it. 😺

Vacate the paddock 🐴

Not a soul to be seen here:We’re eating out of the rain:Yesterday afternoon was so sunny and crisp,Onslow spent it in the trees! 😺

Everybody spread out! 🐴

Don’t worry about the snow, ducks.  It’ll be gone by this afternoon:Henry and Stormy have their hay to themselves this morning:And so do Misty and I:Iris, Rose and Jewel will get ridden today:The front pasture makes them easily retrievable. 🐎

Let’s watch the sun shine through the ducks’ noses as they raid the cat food, again:

Warmer and windier 🐓

The birds have been literally cooped up for days.  So since it’s going to be above freezing, the fowls are enjoying some fresh air:We are really going to have to do something about your door, Rose:Tarp straps haven’t been working, so we think we’ll try zip ties next. 🐎

Freezing Friday 🙀

It’s -8℉ this morning, although that doesn’t seem to be slowing down Onslow:Charlie’s legs have been stiff, so she spent last night in Chavez’s stall:We didn’t want her laying down on the hard cold ground.

Oh, and here I am having a drink with Finn:This was taken last night, when it was a “balmy” 15 degrees! 😺

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