Foggy, soggy Thursday 🙀

Hey, Finn, how much rain did we have last night?Oh, wow!Dear hens,  please let someone else have a crack at that hay:Chezzie was laying down in the far pasture this morning, and was moving slowly. So, he had some pain medication, and will spend the day in the stable.  If he wants to lay down again, it will be warmer and dry:Jewel and I will keep him company:🐴

Fresh eggs, every day! 😺

Finn is checking out today’s selection:She and Onslow will lap up those delicious yolks in no time:This has left Zelda with her choice of bowls:Chezzie is having breakfast in Misty’s stall:And Misty has gone back to her old stall:This way she can’t spill her food on the ground—so I won’t eat it:Which means I should be able to stick to my diet without being locked up.  Yippie! 🐴

Oh no! Snow! 🙀

Yesterday afternoon, we had some wet snow:But it won’t stop us from keeping our ducks in a row:We’ve decided it’s just too soon for snow:But I guess that’s what we decide every year:As for this morning, I’m saying “No!” to the rope:I just don’t feel like being cooped up, so I ran away from the cat-cop until he got too tired to chase me:I’ll spend the day in the front pasture, thank you! 🐴

Finally, let’s watch a video of Stormy asking to be fed by holding up a food dish!

Mary took this video some time ago, but it’s still great! 🐎

Happy Monday! 🐎

Wake up, Iris!Come help RC and Chezzie de-rooster the stable!  (Not really, roosters are welcome, but noisy.)The kitties have had their dry food and are waiting for the canned:

Finally, let’s watch a new video of Sophie and Phoenix in the riding arena:

What fun! 🐺

Rain, off and on 😾

Pumpkin is enjoying her “balanced” breakfast:It’s a great way to avoid the competition:You can see, from the stream of water (from a stable downspout), that it’s been raining. You can also see that Stormy is holding up breakfast.  Come in, Stormy—you’re the only one not in your stall!One important thing to keep in mind about eating carrots:You have to “watch the fingers:”Just keep in mind, “Carrots are cool and hard; fingers are warm and soft!”  🐴

Gray Saturday 😾

Good bye, geese.  Have a nice flight!I’ll be here when you get back!🐴

Chilly Friday 🐴

There is ice on the duck water, but it shouldn’t last long:It should climb into the 50’s:Here’s Betty, sitting with the ducks:Where is she off to now?Why, breakfast, of course! The cat food is especially tasty and aromatic today: it comes from a newly-opened bag. 😺

Movie time! 🐴

It’s a slow news day—let’s watch some movies!Remember Boots?And Bruce?She and he are orphans, and were going to be farm kitties, but Ann adopted them, so now they live with her.

Let’s watch them watch AnnsHorseFarm videos!

And now, Stormy demonstrates why we can’t have nice things at the farm:

We are moving that dish as soon as possible. 🐎

Getting back to normal 🐴

Onslow is enjoying a yolk, that is still warm from the duck:And look how nicely our friends at Joe’s Water Treatment and Pump Service filled in the holes that they had to make to replace our pipes.  Before:After:Before:After:Like it never happened. 😺

Busy morning! 🐴

Mr. Justin will have our plumbing fixed and our yard patched up today:The horses are in the front pasture:That’s because there’s no longer a gate:Why was it done?  Well, the existing gate was getting too many sharp edges for safe horse passage.  And also, letting the horses graze in the front pasture will help them keep me company:Because I’m on lockdown again.  I’ve been eating too much of Misty’s leftover grain. I’ll be able to run free again, as soon as we make some changes in the stable. 🐎

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