Super-duper pea-souper 🐴

It’s very foggy this morning.  Even though it’s not cold, steam is rising from the manure.  Our poopies are generating a lot of heat:And for some reason, Stormy is out with Iris, Jewel and Rose:We don’t know why.We’d rather he came out with us. 🐴

If only they were made of gold 🐴

Good morning:Pumpkin and Major Tom have some major breakfast:And what has Onslow found?18 eggs!

Let’s take a look at Swinbrook, a village on the River Windrush, on the last day of Ann’s walking tour:She starts home tomorrow! 😺

Sun-kissed kitties 😺

Stormy has an itchy butt:

Here I am helping Iris and RC with their hay:

Kitties bask in the sun:

And here are some sunny pictures Ann took while hiking through Bourton-on-the-Water, known as the “Venice of the Cotswolds.”She walked 12 miles that day!

Oh, by the way. . .We have “Bantams On Loose,” too! 🐴

A change is as good as a rest 🐎

Jewel and Rose have the run of the paddock:And they've run out to the far pasture several times:The farrier is coming at noon, so we’re out front:We’ll be easily retrievable when it’s time to have our hooves done. 🐎

Dreary Wednesday 🐴

It’s cloudy and windy this morning:I don’t even want to stick out my head:But the sun is trying to come out:And we’re already way over the hill.

Let’s look at the pictures Ann sent of yesterday’s walk in England:Yesterday, I had a little bit of a walk myself:It wasn’t far, but it was refreshing. 🐴

Kitties can’t wait 😺

The cats love the smell of food from a brand new bag!Fresh and crunchy! Yum!Oh, by the way, Ann was right about here yesterday:She is on a walking tour of the English countryside.  Here are some pictures from her first day's walk, between the two towns of Ebrington and Hidcote Bartrim:She walks over 9 miles a day!Better her than me! 🐴

Horse habiliments 🐴

Jewel and Iris are discussing their new cold weather wear:The “showgirls” are sporting neck covers:Iris’s getup might look a little disheveled, since she just had a nice roll:And Rose’s “turtleneck” is red to match her pink coat (sort of):I think coats are too much trouble:I’d rather just grow out my natural coat and wear a cat. 😺

Sunny Sunday 🐴

There’s no ice this morning, and yesterday afternoon the temperature went into the 50’s—but it was terribly windy.  Here’s Betty keeping cozy in the igloo:She likes the high ceiling:Now, back to today, I picked up a cat, because it’s only 38:I have to admit, Finn is nice and warm. 😺

First ice of the season 🐴

Oh no!  Ice on the duck water! 😾The ducks don’t know how to get to their mealworms, until Patrick breaks the ice (watch the movie at the end of the post):And we’re getting a little hay—what a nice touch to a sunshiny morning!

Not much going on 🐴

You can see how cloudy it is this morning:It’s only 44 and the rain is moving in. 😾But last night it was dry and cheery in the arena.  Here’s Rose, Jewel and Mary getting ready to teach a riding lesson! 🐎

And lastly, here we are ambling leisurely out to the far pasture:

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