Warmer weather is on the way 🐴

We made it through this all-time-record, -27℉ morning.They tell us the temperature will climb rapidly over the weekend:We’re all wearing our “white badges of courage:”And the ducks, chickens and cats are ok, too! 😺

Freezing cold 🙀

It was -23℉ this morning:We’re ok, and so are the birds:Everybody’s grumpy. . .Except the kittens, who are playing hide-and-seek. 😺

Here come nasty windchills 🐴

We’re getting February temperatures a month early:I’m staying inside:With Iris:And Rose:And Jewel!We need our own heating pads:Lucky cats. 😺

We either have sub-zero temperatures or drifting snow 🐴

It was 33 this morning, but it’s dropping like a rock:It’s making me cranky at poor Rose:But I apologized and invited her to eat with me (although at a distance):

Let’s cheer up by watching the kittens play with a dead bird:

Another sub-zero morning 🐴

The kittens are checking out Tux from head to toe:The cats will get relief from the cold with their heating pad, heated Kanna dish, and a brand new space heater:What’s a Kanna dish?  It keeps all your cats named Kanna warm. . .At least until the water comes. 😺

Sub-zero Saturday 🐴

Yesterday it was -12, and today it’s -16.You can see the extra 4 degrees in the frost on my cheeks and mane (I didn’t have that yesterday).

The cold doesn’t seem to bother Onslow:It doesn’t bother Betty either:But we put them back in the tack room anyway.And Finn is keeping cozy on the heating pad. 😺

Freezy Friday 🐴

It was -12℉ this morning.My whiskers are icicles! 🐴

Some horses 🐎 are dumb bunnies 🐰

We were all kept waiting for dinner last night, because Iris, Charlie and Stormy wouldn’t come inside:The above picture might as well be a video, because these three were so still that they looked like they had been stuffed.  What on earth are they watching?  I can’t see anything. 🐴Oh, if you look way, way over there, you see them:Snow mobiles. . .Big deal. 🐴

More snow! 🐴

We got more snow overnight.  Big surprise. 🐴See how high the drift is by the water tank?RC says, “Pardon my butt.” 🐎

Duck doings 🐴

The ducks get an extra heat lamp for the cold snaps to come:

Let’s watch them in action:

-4 degree Monday morning! 😺

What’s scary about this picture?Oh no!  Onslow!That’s a skinny, slippery branch, kitty, and you’re way, way up in the air!That’s it—turn around. . .Well, I’ll say one thing. . .Onslow is not afraid of heights. 🐴

5 degree morning 😾

It’s cold, but at least there’s very little wind.  Here’s Betty blending into the background (she didn’t stay out for very long):My eye was watering for some reason, and my tears froze!I’ll be all right, though.Those of us who haven’t grown in our hair very well are wearing coats:I really wouldn’t want to wear one—but I do like the colors. 🐴

More snow 🐴

We have a lot of drifts this morning, and some surprising bare spaces:The kittens ventured outside:They walked around a little, but ultimately spent the day inside:Since the sun’s out, it’s still a nice day for January:But Zelda doesn’t agree:She says, “Wake me up when it’s April.” 🙀

Poor Onslow 🙀

Who’s that hiding in the space between the stable walls?Oh, it’s Onslow.What?  Finn chased you up there?  Oh, I’m sure she’s sorry. . .“No, I’m not!” 😾

Something’s missing 🐎

Stormy and Iris wonder where the food bins have gone:It soon becomes apparent that they’ve just been taken out of their holders and turned upside down:Why?  Because someone had pooped in them!  🐎You can’t blame that on me! 🐴

Wednesday Potpourri 🐴

It’s a mild morning, so all the ducks’ tubs are full, so it’s bath time!Let’s not forget about breakfast—as usual, the “gang of five” is lining up for their mealworms:This stale cat food was meant for the ducks, but Schroeder says, “Waste not, want not.”You don’t have to worry about wasted food around here—Just ask the hundreds of freeloaders who show up everyday:Oh, and Rose is giving us a “schnozzola” shot:Silly pony. 🐎

Kitten/Rooster Standoff! 🙀🐓

Onslow and Betty don’t know what to make of Baldy, so they stay barricaded by an old feed dish.It’s a good idea to keep your distance, little cats, because Baldy has already gone after one of the big cats this morning. 🐴Luckily, Baldy just walked away, and the kittens resumed chasing each other around the stable. 😺Now stop watching the kittens and feed me. 🐴

Ducks on a snow drift 🐴

The poor ducks have been on lockdown for two days because of the snow:So they were let out—but nobody could find a good place to sit:So after a little bath (and a lot of mealworms) they went back inside.Henry chases Finn out of his stall—he’d rather eat alone! 🐎

Time to dig out 🐴

We’re covered in snow:But it’s not too cold, so we’re eating outside:The wind drifted the snow high, but also left some bare spaces:

Let’s watch another video of the kittens!

Oh no, a snowstorm! 🐴

The ducks are having a big breakfast of corn and mealworms: it’s so snowy this morning they won’t be going out:I’m with the ducks—I’m heading back inside:

Let’s watch the kittens play in the snow:

Betty is the most bewildered—do you dig in the snow? eat it? or try to catch it? 😺

Kitty Capers 😺

Who’s up a tree today? 🐴It’s Finn! 😺Here’s Onslow, who’s playing with the strap of the camera that took his picture:Hey ducks, who’s on top of the feed shed? 🐴Oh!  It’s Betty! 😺It looks like she’s having a blast up there! 😺

Pony jumps 🐎 and kitty plays 😺

Rose spent some time by herself in the riding arena:

Here’s a short movie of her jumping, and Finn playing:

Winter crept up on us, and blew us away! 🐴

Nasty winds last night had their way with our Porta-potty and trash can.  And it’s freezing this morning!The ducks had their bath, and the wind froze the droplets in place:Onslow and Betty were going to spend the day inside—or at least that was the plan. 😺But they slipped past the cat-cops, and don’t seem to mind the cold at all. 🐴

Pole Cat 😺

Don’t get scooped up with the manure, Betty! 😾”I can’t get scooped up here,” she says. 😺”From now on, I’m a pole-cat!” 😺

50 degree morning!

It’s almost too warm for our winter coats, whether they be store-bought or grown-out.  The kittens aren’t sure they want to quit the tack room, because it’s also pretty wet:With the rain and mud, Rose and Jewel will be spending the day in their stalls (since they and Iris are the “showgirls”):So they’re getting to run around for a while inside:The riding arena is always dry! 🐎

Stormy and Iris have fun! 🐎

Stormy rolls in the nice clean sand in the riding arena. . .Then tries to look dignified when he stands up:And here comes Iris!

Let’s watch Stormy jump, with Iris providing moral support:

No one takes a lickin,’ ‘cause everybody’s chicken! 🐓

I'm enjoying another sunny, mild morning with Misty and Jewel:Henry’s off on his own with several nice flakes:Meanwhile, Hansel “the HUN” and Baldy “the BOMBER” are squaring off for a battle royale:There’s only room for ONE rooster on this farm.Don’t worry, they were separated before there was any blood-letting.But they do make for avant-garde pictures, don’t they? 🐴

Another sunny day! ☀️

We’re lucky to have two sunny mornings in a row:And Hansel and Gretel are having a well-deserved day outside:Which means Baldy is on lock-down:These ten acres aren’t big enough for those two roosters! 🐓

Sunny Thursday 🐴

The ducks have a good day for a bath:The kittens are having breakfast outside:Then it’s off to the hay barn!And then we’ll climb the big apple tree!And the small one, too!We can’t wait to get out to our hay:There’s not a cloud in the sky. 🐴

Cloudy and chilly Wednesday 🐴

We’ll graze in the far pasture today, after we have our hay.Look at how pretty our stream is this morning!There’s no ice, just crystal clear water.We even see fish! 🐟

Happy New Year 😺

What’s this “pole cat” looking at?Oh, it’s Finn. 😺And here I am at last night’s New Year’s Eve party:I started out slow. . .But by midnight I was FREAKING OUT! 🐴

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