Spy cats! 😺

Don’t look now, but you’re being watched!See Finn, up under the roof, above and a little to the right of the air conditioner? There she is!She wants to become a member of the Department of Horsefarm Security. 😺“Hey, Chief Luigi, I can be a great lookout!"

Kittens, chickens and ducks share breakfast 😺

Everybody loves cat food!

Kitty gets a bird 🐦

Katfish has caught a sparrow:This is the second time we’ve seen her catch a bird.  Each time, she’s taken it to the garage, and growled at the other cats when they try to have a look. 😾And, each time, she puts it down, and it flys away! 🙀We guess Katfish believes in “catch and release.” 

Winter’s not done with us yet 🐴

What happened to my 50 degree mornings?It's 20, windy, and back to being icy! 🐴

Muddy morning 🐎

RC was brushed clean last night before he went to bed.So, what did he do first thing this morning?Why, he rolled in the mud, of course!“Hey, somebody brush me again!” 🐎

I thought only dogs did this 🐴

When Stormy thinks he’s waited entirely too long for you to get his dinner,he’ll pick up my food dish, and drop it at your feet:Lest you miss the point. 🐎

A question to ponder 🐓

What came first? 🐓The chicken 🐓 or the egg 🥚?Case closed. 🐴

Another 50-plus morning! 🐴

Mystery tabby was back this morning:He’s either getting less shy or more hungry. 😺

Careless kitties 🙀

Katfish needs a lesson in car safety:Finn really needs a lesson, and fast:Never lie down in the path of the tires, cats! 🐴

Julia and Mara visited this weekend 💛

Here’s Mara and Julia leading Chavez to the riding circle:Mara and Julia are checking out their gear, making sure Chezzie’s saddle is on tight and centered:Saturday afternoon was great weather for a ride, 67 degrees!Good job Julia, Mara and (he would say, “most of all!”) Chezzie! 🐎

Warm, 50℉ Saturday morning! 🐎

Here’s Iris getting ready for a ride.  She has her own, personalized halter!For those of you who don’t know, “Rainbow IRS” is Iris’s professional name (the name on her birth certificate). It’s the name she uses at her horse shows. 🐎

Happy Friday! 🐎

It’s a nice sunny morning:It’s supposed to go over 60! 🐴

Chickens day out 🐔

Gretel, Franz, Dot and Minnie get to peck on some fresh earth:While Milt, Hansel and Baldy explore the hay barn:Loads of feathered fun! 🐓

Mystery cat 😺

We have a guest:He’s a very shy, very big tabby that has been inviting himself to meals since yesterday.“It’s ok cat, you don’t have to hide.  As long as you don’t have any diseases or fight with the other kitties.” 🐴 

Kitty by the stream 😺

Noodle ran all the way down the pasture, and discovered the creek:

Muddy Valentine’s Day ❤️

Since Henry has the cleanest face, he will be your Valentine this year:He also has the nicest smile! ❤️

Here is some pre-Valentine’s Day grumpiness 😾

40℉ this morning 🐎

Did we mention it was muddy? 🐎

Cat-robatics! 😺

Look out sparrows!

Freezing morning 🙀

It was only 14 this morning and there’s snow on the ground:The smart people are on their heating pads in front of their space heaters:Toasty! 😺

Cat crime! 🙀

Guess who’s out on the road again. 🙀That’s it, Schrödinger, turn around. 😾Good kitty! 😺

Horse Crime! 🐎

Stormy and Chavez decided that they had waited long enough for breakfast:As you can see, they’re trying to untie the halter that locks the gate; and get to the feed shed themselves:Don’t worry, they did not get out.  Here’s a video of them in action:

Nice sunny morning 🐴

The kitties got a hay ride:Hey cats, let me have a crack at that hay:🐴

Duck drama! 🐴

Noodle is confident he can keep the ducks away from “his” water:Until Pooter takes a nip out of him:Noodle thinks he’ll drink with the rest of the cats from now on:

The big cats want you to know that they are still around. 😾

Here the big cats are enjoying canned cat food in yesterday’s sun:None of them are asking, “Hey, where are the kittens?” 😺(Just FYI, the kittens are in the nursery (tac room) for the night.) 🐴

Ukie visits 🐺

Here’s Stormy, about to give Ukie’s leash a nice tug:

Movie time! 😺

Here’s a video of the cats playing on the ice this past Monday:

Watch them try to shake the cold off their paws. 😾

Rules of the water dish 😺

Two kitties drink. . .And one keeps lookout. 😺

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