I'm going on vacation.

I'll be back around July 2nd.  The horses are jealous.  Tough termites.


Iris tries her hooves at jumping.

Seat up, seat down - there's something about that red tractor.

Luigi impersonates road kill.


More swallow videos

One of the nests under the barn, where the babies are almost grown!  

Another swallow visits her nest, in another section under the same barn. Her babies are smaller.

Reporting from the field. . .

Here I am in the new pasture.  This is going  to take a lot of chomping.


Looks like a storm brewing. . .


Kanna caught a mouse. It was delicious.


Stormy takes wing.

Mary guides Stormy over the new jump. But I figure, why jump over when you can crawl under.

There are actually some birds on AHF that the cats manage to miss. . .

Hold today's blog update!

My extra storage drive finally arrived, so I am now able to download all Sunday and Monday's great videos of Mary jumping with Stormy and Iris.  But just this evening Kanna caught a killdeer. Here are the pictures!


Uh-oh, Zelda could be moving in on Kanna's kill:


Oh well, considering Kanna has in the past killed and "field-stripped" a rabbit, no one will doubt the killdeer is Kanna's prize.  


I'll do the jumping videos in a later post, when I can give them the attention they deserve.


I love Marian!

I met the nicest lady today!  She stopped by to find out my name, and tell me how she was a farm girl, and looks for me everyday on her way back and forth along Highway 6.  As you can see, I think she's the greatest!


Mary and Bill set up the jump posts as Iris and Stormy wait to try it out.


No picture for this post. . .

. . .it would be too gross:  We thought Pumpkin had an engorged tick behind her ear, but Mary discovered that it was an abscess and lanced it.  Pumpkin was a very good patient, even though it hurt her a little during the operation.

Speaking of Swallows. . .

Swallows dive-bomb Zelda

The Circle of Life


I hate to tell them. . .

. . .we ate their daybed for dinner.


I Just Found Out: I'm Divine!

I found out that I'm not just anybody's donkey:  I'm a Jerusalem Donkey (Google it), because the markings on my back make the Sign of the Cross!  My First Commandment:  Thou shalt give me carrots after dinner, lest I smite thee!

Mount Vespoovius

Any time the temperature gets below 60 the steam from fermentation rises above the manure cart.  Here's a picture, but the little video makes the steam easier to see.


Ectopic Fledgling

 Apparently this robin fledgling (one of three) passed away and the mother pushed it out of the nest, but it got stuck.  We were able to get rid of it without scaring the other two babies, but they left the nest the next day.  In spite of the farm kitties, we still see the babies doing ok in the grass with their parents still nearby.


Since we can't see too well, we took this little video to review and make sure the hanging bird wasn't still breathing.

Rest in Peace, Scout

We are so sad: The Vet told us today that Scout has feline immunodeficiency virus for which there is no cure. He was euthanized today. Rest in peace, Scout, and thanks for many years of being a good kitty.  


New Aerial Shot

Thanks to our MedForce friends for sending us another great aerial shot of the farm!  This is going in our collection!


Scout is Sick

This past Saturday we had to take Scout to the vet.  He hadn't been showing up for breakfast, and when he finally came out for food, he could hardly walk.  We think he has a bad ear infection, but the vet will have to let us know for sure.  We visited him today.  He looks better, and was glad to see us, but he is still a sick kitty.  Get well and come home soon, Scout!

Blog Inaugural

Hi, this is Francis.  Somebody has to let you know what's happening at AHF, and since the rest of these prima donnas can't be bothered, guess whose job it is.

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