Bridge troll sighting 🐴

We got a picture of the bridge troll today. It looks like he’s soaking his feet. 

Swallows swallowing 🐦

Here are three of the dozen or so baby swallows we have right now.Here’s the mother stopping by to feed one.I’m sure she doesn’t miss the hint that the others are hungry too. 🐴

Time for a bat check! 🐴

“If we do not all hang together,we shall all hang separately.””Doesn’t much matter to us."

Julia and Chavez have another good showing! 🐎

Julia and Chezzie went to another horse show on Sunday.                   Don’t they look great?Mom was in the show, too!They won 2 second, 1 fourth and 1 fifth prize! That’s a great job!

Empty nesters 🐦

The swallows we showed you last Wednesday have left their crowded nest.As you can see, they’re still hanging around the stable.All five in one picture! 🐴

Water tastes better from the bucket 🐴

That’s it, Ukie. . . .Keep looking the other way. . . .

Horses incognito 🐴

It’s fly mask season. I hope you can tell who we are. 🐴

Spa day between the rain drops 🐓

Dot and Minnie grab a quick dirt bath:

5 baby swallows in one nest 🐦

It’s pouring today, so we’re all packed in the stable, waiting for breakfast.Speaking of packed in, here’s 5 baby swallows in one nest.

Dog days 🐕

Ukie does her impression of the Sphinx:

What a nice gift from Julia! 🐴

Our lovely friend Julia made us this halter rack:She even wrote our names where each of our halters go:Thank you, Julia!

A bridge not too far 🐴

Here we are, going to spend the morning in the far pasture:

Iris has something to say! 🐎

Iris discovers the gate to the far pasture is open.  Watch her try to tell the other horses. The only person she gets to listen appears to be me. 🐴


Our stable is a sandy beach! 🐴

We hope this cushy sand is good for our hooves,because it makes poopies very easy to clean up,and keeps the dust down. 🐎

We’re having work done 🐴

Since the rocks have been a little hard on our hooves, we’re having sand put in on top of them:It’s being pounded down so it looks nice and smooth:No one thinks it will stay that way. 🐴

Swallow production underway 🐦

Baby swallows have a defense mechanism.They look like grumpy hawks.

Dust baths are popular among both horses 🐎 and chickens 🐔

Here I am trying to roll over like the horses.

I can’t quite make it all the way. 🐴

Way far away 🐎

We spent yesterday in the far pasture again!

Nasty and hot ☀️

Schrödinger was stretched out in the barn last night, trying to stay cool.Schroeder shows off his “don’t mess with me” face. 😾

Thirsty Iris 🐎

How to drink from a water tank.

Step 1: drink.Step 2: spit out goldfish.

Swallow glamour shot 🐦

Slow news day.Just a swallow cackling at us to get away from its nest. 

Kanna consternation 😾

Kanna has a problem.This truck is so big.She can’t decide where to spray on it. 😿

Lots of white rock and sand around here 🐴

Henry and Stormy don’t know what to make of our new flooring:Hey, we got a sandpile to play in:Actually, it’ll be used to fill in all the ankle-breaking holes around here:But we’re digging in it while we have the chance. 🐴

We make it to a greener pasture! 🐎

Our new bridge to the far pasture is built.The creek gets to flow through a nice big pipe. I hope we don’t attract any bridge trolls.Oh, darn, we’ve got one already.  But I hear they’re not as bad as raccoons. 🐴

Anyway, here’s a video of us bravely trotting across and disappearing into the tall grass!

We are so far from the stable now, and loving it! 🐎

Horsing around 🐎

Here we are playing under the hay barn.Peek-a-boo!

We’re finally getting a bridge 🐎

Security Chief Luigi inspects a suspicious bulldozer reported in the lower pasture by the creek.It turns out to be good news.  It means work will finally start on the new bridge over our creek.We’ll finally be able to graze in the far pasture again. 🐎Our old bridge used to flood over. Hopefully that won’t happen again with a pipe this big.And all the while construction is underway, we'll get to munch in the front pasture! 🐴 

Bat check at the door, 5¢ 🐴

Our first bat sighting of the season!Go get those mosquitos!Stomp that Zika virus!

Lovely yellow buzzards 🐴

Aren’t our goldfinches pretty?Pumpkin’s hoping to have them as tenants.Yum! 😺

Dinner time 🐎

Here we are, way down the hill. . . .Until we get called for dinner.

Fowl news 🐦

Not much going on.But the white pigeon showed up again.

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