It’s a good day for fly spray 🐎

Henry’s in charge of hurrying up breakfast this morning:Brunhilda is exploring the duck pen. Everyday she and the other hens find someplace they haven’t been before:And I’m having a bite of hay,Before having a roll:We can tell the seasons are changing, because even though it’s cool this morning, the flies are very bad. 🐴

Cool Sunday! 😺

Charlie and I are discussing how cool it is this morning—only 59 degrees:As usual, Betty and Onslow are surrounded by chickens:And here’s a snapshot, from the security camera, of the sun streaming in on us:

There was a lot of fun yesterday when Dukie visited the farm:

She loves to splash! 🐴

Much cooler morning 😺

Security Chief Schrödinger checks out a potentially suspicious vehicle:Deputy Onslow reports that the vehicle belongs to our friends at Emmerson Excavating—nothing suspicious about it!We’re talking with them about a new floor for the stable. 🐎

Hazy Friday 🐴

Maybe some clouds will roll in and cool us off.The hens are crowding the cats (as usual):And Stormy has a request of Baldy:“Turn down the volume on your crowing, please!” 🐓

Mouse problems 🐭

Betty's napping place today will be on top of the refrigerator in the feed shed. The cat-cops have given up trying to keep her out, so they’ll leave the door open:Speaking of the feed shed, it’s not uncommon for mice to gnaw their way into the bags in the feed shed,But this time they got into the wrong bag.Oh my. . . 🐴

Breezy Wednesday 🐴

Hansel and Baldy are making their morning rounds (and a lot of noise):Betty has found a place for her after-breakfast nap.  Unfortunately, it’s in the feed shed, so she’s about to be kicked out before the doors are locked:And here are Jewel and I having a chat about the weather:There’s a nice breeze this morning, and we hear cooler weather is on the way (hopefully without a storm). 🐴

Let’s watch a video of Pumpkin eating her “balanced” breakfast:


Tons of toads 🐸

The brown toad by the riding arena says Hello:The red toad by the duck pools says Hello, too:The chicks are touring the feed shed,And then they inspected the tractor garage:Pumpkin thought that eating breakfast teetering on the snowplow would keep away any competitors:Zelda proved her wrong. 😾

Hot Monday morning 🐎

Yesterday, Rose was having a nap, when Jewel accidentally woke her up:Someone forgot to tie up the gate under the hay barn, so I helped myself out:This morning, Schroeder has his eye on something, somewhere:And Pumpkin is again enjoying a “balanced” breakfast:As we’ve mentioned, she often sits on the tractor’s plow, and won’t eat unless her breakfast is up there, too! 😺

An overnight rain 🐎

We haven’t had rain in a while, so it was nice to wake up to everything green and fresh:The hens are developing an appetite for “grown-up” food like corn and mealworms:Of course, like every morning, they are perching on high places:They don’t mind at all if Betty joins them:Oh, would I like a carrot?Don’t mind if I do! 🐴

Fowl deeds 🐔

Brunhilda keeps lookout on some junk near the trailer:While the other chicks still can’t say goodbye to what’s left of the old house:And here I am having a chat with Charlie:

Let’s watch a video of the ducks peacefully enjoying the water:


Chickens love bumpers 🐔

The hens are making friends with their twins in the truck bumper:Iris says Hello:Henry says Hello, too (after making a nice poopie):I’m at the salt lick again, but I’ve got to stop biting off salt, and stick to just licking:And finally, does Rose’s left rear foot hurt?No, thank goodness, it was just a pose. 🐎

Sunny Thursday 🐦

All cats are present and accounted for:Chezzie will spend the day with Jewel:I have a nice spot in the shade:Stormy has a lick:And the swallows’ second brood of babies is almost grown:

Let’s watch a little movie of them:

They’ll be flying south all too soon! 🐦

The chicks 🐥 are now hens 🐔

The new hens love to perch.  Any old junk will do:The wood pile is popular, too:Best friends Iris and Rose look for leftovers:And I had people worried—for a couple of days, I wouldn’t eat my carrots (I know—how shocking)!But everybody else was wolfing them down—so maybe, I wasn’t feeling well?But today, I had carrots bought fresh from the store, and I ate them enthusiastically!I guess those old carrots were too stale for my refined palate! 🐴

Horse Crime! 🐎

Rose says Good morning!Schroeder is outside the screen door, trying to hurry up breakfast:I’m trying to sneak some grass, even though it’s not on my diet (I only have hay and an occasional carrot):Misty is spending the day out with Jewel:And the rest of us are enjoying that it’s a clean mask day:Oh, and what was the horse crime?Jewel made a poopie in her water bucket! Yuck! 🐴

Good Monday morning! 🐴

There’s a nice breeze as we’re waiting for breakfast:Speaking of breakfast, Iris is out hurrying it along:The hole in our tree is still pretty apparent:The chicks like to spend their time under the trailer:And we were able to salvage and repair the “house” part of the old chicken coop:You can never have too many places to keep your chickens! 🐔

Sunny Sunday 😺

Henry says Good morning!And the ducks have made a playhouse of this pile of branches leftover from the storm:They hide inside it through this hole:

Let’s watch this video of Rose and Iris braving the derecho:

I think Iris was trying to be a good friend and wanted Rose to come in. 🐴

Lickety-lick-lick! 🐴

This morning, I can’t seem to stay away from the salt lick:Pumpkin only eats breakfast if she can stand on the tractor plow:It’s hard to blame her:Rose is happy the floor fan is fixed:

Let’s watch a video of the chicks coming out in the morning:

What special about it?  It’s the first time we’ve heard a “cluck” instead of a “peep!” 🐔

Scary Movie! 🙀

Security Chief Schrödinger and Deputy Onslow inspect a suspicious package:It turns out it was just the box to the new kitchen coop:The chicks are already on the prowl:The ducks no longer have a pen, but as long as they stay on the farm, and don’t cross the road, they’ll be fine:

Now, let’s watch the video of the terrible day of the “derecho,” when the branch fell down. It’s a long video, but it goes, from a sunny day, to Mary and Mara rescuing the chicks in hurricane winds!  If you want to get right to the branch falling, run the video out to the 38 minute mark:

We still can’t get over how lucky we were, that the chicks and ducks made it out without a scratch! 🐔

The power is back on! 🐴

Stormy and I are celebrating that the power came on overnight, and the water pumps are working!Betty is playing hide-and-seek with the chicks, under some of the stuff smashed by the falling tree trunk:What’s left of the tree has a big hole in it:I imagine, over time, other branches will fill it in. 🐴


At about midday Monday, a nasty storm called a “derecho” blew through. Some winds were hurricane-strength.  We haven’t had weather this bad since 2008. A tree trunk blew down and smashed the duck pen and the new chicken coop! Miraculously, no duck, chicken, cat, horse or donkey was hurt:Here I am having a carrot to calm my nerves:The chicks spent the night after the storm in the horse trailer:But last night, Mary and Mara put together a new, sturdier coop:There’s still so much work to be done.  But the downed tree has been hauled away by our wonderful friends.Mary, Mara, Farmer Rich, Mr. Beaver and Uncle Mike helped so much and worked very hard.  The worse thing now is no electricity means no pumps.  We have to bring water in by truck.But once again, the important thing is that no one was hurt—only, please get the power back on! 🐴

The hot weather is back 😾

I lost my mask yesterday.  But it was easily found—I took it off while I was under the barn:Onslow doesn’t want his picture taken this morning (no need to be rude, Onslow):Finn is inspecting the chicks’ coop, while Onslow looks down from above:And Chezzie and Charlie are out in the front pasture with Jewel:Rose is adapting to being out with the herd:She’s already learned to sneak back into the stalls while they're being cleaned, and check for uneaten food. 🐎

Time to try a change 🐎

We’ll see how Rose likes spending time with the herd:Don’t worry, Jewel, your friend Charlie will keep you company today:And Rose will visit with you all you want:Meanwhile, the chicks are venturing over to the riding arena, where there are lots of crickets:And last night, Farmer Rich (or one of our friends from his farm) mowed the far pasture:It’s so nice to have such helpful friends. All the weeds are gone, and the grass is now easy to get to. 🐎

Our fowl are fearless 🐔

The only place without poultry is the far pasture:They don’t bother me, except when Hansel and Baldy try to out-“cock-a-doodle-doo” each other:I think they annoy the cats more than anyone:The chicks have already learned to show no respect for authority:Here’s Brunhilda, running off Security Chief Schrödinger!

Let’s watch a video, where you’ll see Schroeder and Betty keeping their distance:


Movie Time! 😺

Let’s watch some new videos of. . .

Hungry ducks. . .

Cozy cats. . .

And curious chicks. 🐥

Cats love fly masks 😺

Henry says hello:So does Iris:Jewel and Chavez are bugging each other:The fence is limiting the ducks’ travels (just a bit):Betty loves hiding in our fly masks:And I love my morning carrot!🐴

Wednesday potpourri 😺

If you could see my eyes, you would see that they’re happy:No particular reason, other than it’s another cool, sunny day. 🐎

Don’t worry, Sophie, you don’t have to spend all day on the couch. . .With the new fence, you and Phoenix have over a half-acre to run and play:Here’s Betty, perfecting her “high-wire” skills:And just look at these shiny new manure fork baskets!Mary and Mara put them on the old poles last night.  No more missing tines! 🐴

Cool and sunny Tuesday 🐴

It’s all about the chicks today:They are spending supervised time outside the coop:My breakfast was very late—but I got two carrots to make up for it:

Let’s watch 2 videos of the chicks:


Cloudy and cool Monday 😺

This is the coolest it’s been in a long time. It’s almost as cool as my morning carrot:Betty and Onslow are having fresh eggs for breakfast:Schrödinger has no trouble getting inside the new fence, locked or unlocked:And finally, Betty makes a leap from the top of the chicken coop:The cool weather has perked everyone up. 😺

Solemn Sunday 😿

We are sad today.  Overnight, Daisy went to duck heaven.  Here she is having a bath just a few days ago.  She and her brothers, Percy and Ferdinand, were always together.  They were their own little flock, and never mingled with the other ducks:Here they are when they came to us from the baby duck store, way back in April, 2014:She is survived by her brothers and ducklings, Paschal and Pooter.  Thanks, Daisy, for over 6 years of being a good duck. 🐴

Sunny Saturday 🐎

Another day, another flake of hay:Hey, Onslow, what are you looking at?Oh.Onslow and Betty love lounging on the coop:The wire mesh provides great ventilation. 😺

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