Friendly Fowl! 🐔

This is why the cat-cops always look and honk the horn before backing up:Go find shade somewhere else, Pascal. 🦆

Missy jumped over the fence, then up on Uncle Bud’s arm:What a friendly hen!

Here’s a little video clip of the fun:

She was a good girl, and hopped right back over the fence with the other chickens! 🐔

The chicks are not fans of fans! 🐥

Good morning.  I don’t mean to be picky, but that’s a pretty puny carrot:But, I’ll eat it, if you insist! 🐴

Anyway, it’s been so hot that the cat-cops put a fan in each coop:The big chickens got used to them quickly:But the poor chicks keep getting scared by the noise:

Poor chicks!  Try to be brave, like the big birds! 🐔

Horse high jinks 🐎 and fowl deeds! 🐔

Iris says, “Good morning!”  Rose says, “We’re ready for breakfast!”It’s only 8 o’clock and it’s already time to get in the shade:Stormy and RC were planning to stay in the run (but they’re about to be kicked out):In “chicken land,” just look at the crater they have dug:And this buzzard is digging under the fence:Buttons says, “Goodness, this picture makes me look very serious:”“But I’m a contented cat.” 😺

I don’t understand chickens 🐴 (But we have a movie!)

Good morning!  It’s going to be another scorcher!This is not the clearest picture because it’s from a security camera, but the blue things are the three “shade stations” put up for the chickens:And look what the chicks do:Well, if they’re going to be stupid and stay there, management tried to give them a little more shade, and put out their water bottle:

Anyway, let’s watch a movie of some geese crossing the street between the Farm-and-Fleet and Menards:

Geese and ducks cross the street when they darn-well please! 🐴

Bat check! 🦇

Dukie says, “Good morning!  It may be hot, but I’m still glad to be at the farm!”Hey, get that carrot out of my nose and in to my mouth!Speaking of “getting out,” Stormy and Misty, please leave Chavez’s stall:Finally, who’s that, way up in the rafters?Welcome back for the summer, bat:You and your friends eat up mosquitos! 🦟

Signs of summer! 🐎

Red says, “Good morning!  What’s for breakfast?”It’s a hot day, but the carrots are cold:Well, it’s summer—out come the fly masks:Iris has a new one.  Don’t lose it, Iris:And guess what else come out?  The mulberries!The chickens love them! 🐔

We hope our hen is ok 😿

We hope this hen is ok, but watch how strangely she’s acting.  We think she’s having trouble laying an egg:

Poor chicken!  We’ll be certain to keep an eye on you, and Ann will check you out hen she gets off from work.  The cat-cops love their birds!

Finally, let’s try and cheer up by watching a chick that jumped on Uncle Bud’s back:

Don’t make a poopie, little chick! 😺

Slow Sunday 😺

Good morning!  Things are a little slow, for me at least:The chicks are, of course, hopping around like crickets being—well, crickets being chased by chickens!

The kitties are lazy, too:

Buttons want to go back to bed! 😺

The things they make me do around here! 🐴

Let’s watch the chicks having their breakfast pudding (chick starter soaked in water):

The grownups are laying their eggs as usual:The buckets are always popular places. One at a time, please:Oh, just look at what the cat-cops have done to me!I am not a pack animal!  I eat hay, I don’t deliver it!I am also not a convenient place to set things:This bug spray is about to get bucked over the fence. 🐴

Swallows everywhere (and some movies) 😺

Good morning!  I’m having a little trouble waking up, but I’ll get up soon, I promise. 

Anyway, in the background, you’ll notice Missy (who always jumps out of the chicken yard to lay her egg in the stable) is tearing up our poopies, looking for bugs.  

If we could only let all the chickens in the paddock, we’d have no poopies to clean up at all!  

But, unfortunately, the chickens can’t be trusted to not wander into the neighbor’s yard or the street!Stormy says, “Would I like a carrot?  Why, of course!”The stable is full of swallows!

Now let’s watch the kitties have breakfast:

And yesterday, Rose munched some grass near the daisies:

But she’s a good girl and won’t eat the daisies! 🐎

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