Buttons is a cool cat! 😺

Good morning!  Just-laundered masks are waiting for us on this hot Wednesday:They’re cool, clean, and sweet-smelling:Remember, last Sunday, when I told you Chavez got locked in Jewel’s stall?  Well, yesterday the same thing happened to Chezzie again, plus Rose, and Stormy!It’s not their fault. “Management” needs to stop forgetting to lock that gate! 🐴

Finally, here’s Buttons walking nonchalantly under some unhappy swallows:

Why get so excited, birdies?  Buttons is going nowhere near your babies.  🐴

Release the hens and move the feed bin! 🐎

Good morning!  Can see see me?  I can see you!“Stop playing peek-a-boo with Francis and feed us, please.”Speaking of feed, someone’s shoved a feed bin too close to the fence (again):It wasn’t me. 🐴

Anyway, let’s watch the hens come out to breakfast!

Yummy-yum. . .Scratch feed, layer crumbles, and mealworms! 🐔

Berries are on their way, but I’m a little slow 🐴

Buttons says, “Good morning!  It’s a great day for breakfast outside!”The chickens are helping Jewel clean up her leftovers:These two are looking for bugs around the blackberry blossoms:In a few days, the raspberries will be ready:

As for me, I’m in a mood. . .

I had to be bribed before I came to breakfast. 🐴

Stall problems 🐎

Yesterday afternoon, Chavez locked himself in Jewel’s stall. “Let me out! There’s no food in here!”Rose says, “Good morning.  Before I go into breakfast, can I ask a favor?”“Can you chickens please find another place to dust bathe?”Don’t spend all day inside, Misty:Join us in the front pasture:

It’s hard to tell, but there’s lots of yummy clover to eat.

And even yummier carrots! 🐴

Am I being good or bad in this video? 🐴

Here’s a video of one of our hens doing what they do best!

And, am I expressing my affection. . ?

Or saying, “Get a move-on with my breakfast?” 🐴

The investigation is complete! 😺

Good morning!  I appreciate “catering” picking up the piece of carrot that I dropped...

…but I always take my time and thoroughly chew my food (and so should you)! 🐴

Iris says, “That’s an important tip, Francis.”

RC says, “I agree!”

Anyway, if you recall, Security Chief Schroeder was going to try and find out who turned on the water outside the stable. What is your report, Chief?“I reviewed the security camera footage, and can report that Rose accidentally did it while scratching her butt.”

Yes, the picture may be blurry, but that’s you, Rose. 🐴

Who turned on the water? 🙀

Good morning!  Here’s a nice picture of Buttons, keeping me company last night while I ate dinner:This morning, we have one of many baby swallows waiting to be fed, while the busy parents are flying about:Oh my, it didn’t rain a drop last night, but there’s water in the paddock:Someone turned on the water and let it run unattended!Security Chief Schrödinger says, “I’ll start an investigation.”“I should have a full report tomorrow.” 😺

The chickens get a treat 🐔

Good morning!  We’ve got a lot of mud:I’m going out to the front pasture:Oh my, we have a blue egg by our gate:Speaking of chickens, last night they had fruit for dessert. . .Mulberries from our tree! 🐔

Oh those chickens! 🐔

Betty says, “Good morning!  All our water pans have been rinsed and freshly filled.”“Francis will be right with you.” 😺

Thanks, Betty.  As you can see, I’m scratching my butt. . .

Don’t worry, I’m ok.  It’s just an itch. 🐴

Anyway, here are the chickens, making a big poopie into dust:

And here they are having an egg for breakfast.  It was laid in the duck garage last night and only discovered this morning:And this chicken has picked up the whole egg, and is running off with it! 🙀Don’t be a greedy buzzard, chicken.  We all share at the farm! 🐴

Who did it? 🐴

Good morning!  Good carrots!Buttons says, “Sometimes I’d rather eat breakfast by myself in the barn.”“There are far fewer chickens.”  (Don’t worry, the other cats get their fill before the chickens are let out.)And who pushed the feed bin into the fence?It was probably somebody scratching their tail. 🐎

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