Before and after shots of our bridge washout 😿

Here’s a picture of our lovely bridge, before Monday night's downpour:Here’s our Bill, Mary, and Mara inspecting the damage from the creek flash-flooding because of it:Where did our bridge go?  It’s hard to believe the creek can rise so high, or that water can move so much earth and rock in the course of a few hours.  

Here’s a shot of the bridge from upstream, before:And after:You can see how high the water went, by noticing that the grass is bent down so high up the bank.  The water went over the bridge at some point.

We’re afraid the bridge troll may have been washed into the Hennepin.  We sent Ukie, a certified troll cadaver dog, to search for the body.Here she is being called up after we gave up the search.  Alas, poor bridge troll. . . 

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