Double trouble! 🙀

The cat-cops are distracted this morning, so I’ve snuck outside:Before I get to this morning’s “drama,” here’s a picture or two from yesterday afternoon. 

Baldy was eating with the wild birds:He was joined by a cute little Downy woodpecker:

So, what has everyone (except me 🐴) in a tizzy?  Well, as you know, we’ve become home to a new black cat:He seemed to be everywhere at once!There's a reason for that:There are TWO of them! 🙀They are both boys, and they don’t like each other!  And Evil Cat (below and on the left) doesn’t like either of them! 😾There have been fights between the new cats, and fights between the new cats and Evil! 🙀Disturbing the peace of the farm is a serious cat-crime!  We’ll have no peace until the cat-cops can catch them, and take them to the vet to be fixed! 🙀

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