Frosty Monday 🐎

Onslow and Finn are waiting in the driveway for breakfast.  They’re trying to hurry up “the bringing in of the trash can”—a Monday morning tradition:Here’s a picture of Onslow basking in the sun.  He looks happy, doesn’t he?Speaking of happy, here I am, tucking into the hay:Oh, and Misty says Hello.  Here she is, waiting patiently to be let in her stall.  She’s usually very good at going into her stall for meals:Finally, the hens are checking out the brush pile.  But where are the ducks?  They usually nestle down and spend the day there.It appears the ducks now favor the junk pile by the feed shed (the arrows point out the ducks inside):It’s fine to get in there, ducks; as long as you can get out:Wires are less forgiving than branches. 😾

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