Get well, Stormy! 🐎

Sophie and I say, “Good morning!”And so does this pinch bug (it’s springtime and the bugs are coming out)!Finally, we’ve been wondering whether or not Stormy is feeling well.  Well, last night, Ann discovered his left front hoof was cracked.  Oh no!Dr. Deke took a look at him this morning. It turns out the hoof has an abscess.  The crack was caused by the abscess draining. Stormy will get antibiotics and therapeutic foot-soakings until it goes away.Unfortunately he’ll have to be on “lockdown” for a day or so, until the medicine starts working:Don’t try to pull back the door, Stormy, you’ll hurt your teeth.  Just stay quiet, and with your medicine and foot-baths, you’ll be better soon! 🐴

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