Lots of changes this Monday morning! 🐎

Our hen ducks have been getting beaten up by the drakes lately, so the girls have gotten their own “room.”  It’s too cold to have any fun outside, so the girls are quite content in their cozy new pen:Betty has been eating the mealworms. It’s her way of telling the cat-cops to get her breakfast, NOW!Now, the unpleasant-looking mixture below might look like worms, but it’s actually beet pulp.  We’re trying it for the first time:It had to soak in water overnight, so it won’t swell up in our stomachs.  Here it looks like brown rice, doesn’t it?Anyway, we found it a sweet-treat!We probably won’t have it 0ften, because it’s extra work to soak it.But we still have our regular grain and hay, everyday! 🐴

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