At about midday Monday, a nasty storm called a “derecho” blew through. Some winds were hurricane-strength.  We haven’t had weather this bad since 2008. A tree trunk blew down and smashed the duck pen and the new chicken coop! Miraculously, no duck, chicken, cat, horse or donkey was hurt:Here I am having a carrot to calm my nerves:The chicks spent the night after the storm in the horse trailer:But last night, Mary and Mara put together a new, sturdier coop:There’s still so much work to be done.  But the downed tree has been hauled away by our wonderful friends.Mary, Mara, Farmer Rich, Mr. Beaver and Uncle Mike helped so much and worked very hard.  The worse thing now is no electricity means no pumps.  We have to bring water in by truck.But once again, the important thing is that no one was hurt—only, please get the power back on! 🐴

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