Security is everbody’s business! 🐴

The good news is it’s still in the 40’s.  The bad news is it’s rainy and windy enough to make it feel very chilly.  Don’t burn your comb, Hansel!The hens have been using the ducks’ house to lay eggs.  There’s certainly no wind or rain there:Let’s take a look at what was on the security cameras while we were still waking up:Above, are two kitties asleep on the hay. My guess is, it’s Buttons on the left, and Zelda on the right.These cameras provide a nice overview of our property.  As you can see, no suspicious activity.This camera let’s the cat-cops see that our gate is securely locked at all times.And here we see RC having a chat with Rose, with little Me in the red circle.There are other cameras that I’m forbidden to show you.Security Chief Schroeder says those locations are TOP SECRET! 😾

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