Semi-free-range chicken horror story! 🐔

This story actually happened last Sunday, but we held off until we were sure we didn’t need to do an obituary. Above you see how, under cat cop supervision, we temporarily open up the coop, to give everybody some elbow room.  

It normally works fine, except some of us like to fly up and perch on the fence. Well, we lost sight of Uki (aka Psycho Psally the shiba inu) for a nanosecond, which was long enough for her to take a bite out of Minnie, the littlest of the white hens.  

At first we thought Minnie lost only some feathers, but Ann was aghast to find herself staring at bare minimum 2 square inches of exposed white meat—horrors!  We really thought Minnie was headed to chicken heaven.

Mary was called in the assist her mother in some emergency surgery.  Here is Mary holding brave Minnie while Mommie prepares to operate!The next pictures show a successful stitch-up!Minnie is recuperating in intensive chicken care.  She’s wears a sock under her wings—initially to hold a bandage, but now just to keep her from picking at her stitches.She is watched day and night by DHS cam 1, but she’s doing fine and we hope soon to return her to “gen-pop.” 🐓

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