I fought the law and the law won 🐴

At about 8PM Friday a 911 call came into the Henry County Sheriff’s Department. The long and the short of it: I was arrested.Apparently, someone reported a donkey outside our fence, walking along HWY 6. Preposterous!⎯I was outside the fence at that time and didn’t see anybody!Unfortunately, the officer did not understand donkey or horse, so Deno and Uncle Bud were called (Ann and Mary and Jewel are at a show in Columbus) and I ended up in the slammer. Here I am talking things over with my attorney:Counselor Stormy says I should just let it go, and accept my sentence of spending the nights in his stall until the fence is reinforced⎯and thank the officer and the rest of the Sheriff’s department for treating me kindly, and getting me away from the road so I couldn’t hurt myself or anybody driving by.(But I still say it wasn’t me 🐴)

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