Luigi and Tux tangled this morning—

—big time. 🙀  I think they both felt like the dog that finally caught the car.  Tux already has an ear that has been shortened by battle and Luigi left it bleeding again.  For a while we thought Luigi got the worst of the grapple because he hid under the car for a while and coughed, but he’s ok.  Tux vacated the premises for the day, but it appears he at least walked away with two eyes and four paws.  

In nicer news, Mary visited us this afternoon🐎.  She noticed Stormy had a big cut on his shoulder😿 so she patched him up😸.

Want a picture?  Here’s a picture of Uki when she visited us this past Sunday.  It was taken during the 5-10 picoseconds that she wasn’t whining or eating something disgusting.  In her favor, though, she does have an emoticon:🐕

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