Super-windy Saturday 🐎

First, let’s look at some fun pictures from last night.  RC did some rolling in the mud:Dukie is waiting patiently, in the farm house, to go for a walk:Alfred is keeping out of the rain:I pushed Misty’s door open and stole her food dish (I admit, that was very bad of me):And the security camera catches Stormy (left) keeping mother Misty company:

Why does it look like we’re all inside on a super sunny morning?Because it’s super windy, that’s why.  And our hay would blow away:Here’s Rose having her hay out of a net. “I’d rather have it on the ground,” she grumbles:Finally, here I am tidying up RC’s leftovers:I dumped out his feed dish, to make sure I didn’t miss a granule! 🐴

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