Only the ducks are happy 🦆

Yesterday afternoon, when it was so nice, Brunhilda and Bill won the “who has the friendliest chicken” competition!Only experienced chicken-wranglers should ever try this without safety goggles. Chickens can be unpredictable and their beaks are sharp!This morning, the rain is pouring, off and (mostly) on.  Because of the mud between the stable and the front pasture, Jewel will stay in her stall today:And Charlie will stay in because of her ailing feet.  On positive notes, (1) she was on her feet this morning, and (2) the farrier will come tomorrow, so her hooves will get a thorough cleaning:As you see above, Rose is visiting Charlie, just before she sticks her nose in the camera:I was supposed to stay in, too, to keep Jewel and Charlie company—but I fussed and “hee-hawed” to go out:Other than that, it’s a nice day to be a duck:They’re the only people in the front pasture today:There’s a lot of worms to be had by all! 🐴

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