A Christmas Cat Miracle! 😺

This is a picture of Noodle (or Noodles), taken way back in the spring of 2018:At about that time, Noodle was accidentally locked in the trunk of Ann’s dad’s car. When he heard the noise, he stopped the car, five miles away from the farm, and opened the trunk.  Noodles, frightened, jumped out and ran away, never to be seen again.  We were heartbroken!  We never stopped wondering what happened to him. 😿

Well, on Christmas day, 2021, in an incredible stroke of luck, Ann was at a family get-together, when someone mentioned a Facebook post about a found, male, fixed tabby, and this tabby would jump up on a horse’s back.

Jump up on a horse?  That was Noodle’s favorite thing, ever since he was a kitten! 😺So the nice lady invited Ann and Bill to see if her cat was indeed our long lost Noodle:It was!  Noodle is easily recognized by his broad nose:The lady said he never goes up to strangers, but he immediately recognized Ann and Bill:Here is Noodle with his new mommy.  Lucky kitty!—to be adopted by someone with a stable, horses, and a good heart:Knowing our (former) kitty is alive and loved made for a Happy Christmas!  😺

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