No matter where I am in the world, I can’t avoid buzzards! 🐴

Here I am at the Norfolk Lavender Company’s visitor park in Heacham, England:It was very sweet smelling:There were horses:And cricket:And happy bees:There were also buzzards (I mean African geese, who, in spite of their name, originate from China). Here I am being surrounded:Thank goodness I got away. Those things were scary-looking:There were also peacocks, who were pretty, but noisy:And last (and if you ask me, least), were the “call ducks.” Trust me, they were all over the place and you didn’t have to call them. 🐴They are tiny little ducks, not much bigger than pigeons. They puttered all around the people's lunch tables, begging for food:The people found them very cute (I found them freeloaders 🐴).This last beggar, making puppy-duck eyes for sympathy, was the star of the show. 🐴

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