A Thanksgiving Friday guest! 😺

It was only 19℉ this morning, but it feels better than yesterday, because there’s no wind.  But, since wind-chill doesn’t effect water freezing, it’s time for heat lamps:Baldy loves his heat lamp; so does Betty!Finally, as the title of this post indicates, we have a guest.  Not Dukie, of course, because she is family:Our new friend is a cat.  Well, welcome to Ann’s Horse Farm.  Would you care for some breakfast?Of course you would!  My, but you cleaned out that food dish quickly:Come on in the tractor shed and eat with the Schrödinger and Buttons:If you choose to become a new citizen, you are welcome. . .Just don’t be surprised if the cat-cops catch you and take you in for “extreme vetting!” 🙀

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