I was too busy to blog yesterday! 🐴

I’m still catching my breath from yesterday:The first thing I noticed was that Jewel was out of her private pasture.  How did you get out, Jewel?  You know Stormy likes to bite you (which is very bad of him):Oh no!  Look at these bites!  (Stormy is really ashamed of himself and promises not to do it again):But how did you get out, Jewel?  Oh!—the fence wires are down!  Did you do it?Wait a minute!  Oh my goodness!  What happened to you, Misty?  How did you cut your leg?And your face is all marked up, and your nose looks swollen:  Mary has seen enough.  She is calling the vet!Dr. Dana says your nose is broken, Misty!We’re glad you’re feeling better today.  But it has us thinking: maybe Jewel didn’t break the wires.Maybe Misty fell asleep, and fell into the wires.  I know it doesn’t sound likely, but she has done it before.  Here’s a video showing her fall asleep, and barely catching herself:

Oh well, our Mary and Mara fixed the wires, and we hope there are no more calamities.  I can’t deal with things that disrupt my breakfast:Thank goodness I found some spilled food. 🐎

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