Bad cat behavior 😾

Good morning!  Excuse me while I have my carrot:It’s about 10℉ today. . .We won’t think about this weekend, when it’s supposed to drop to -10.Anyway, this morning, Buttons is trying out the heating pad:But we think she prefers the heater.  It warms her from head to toe:Schroeder and Zelda aren’t up yet. Schrödinger has his head down in the hay, and Zelda’s still in her cubby-hole:Now, what about this bad cat behavior? Well, our latest stray visitor was trying to get warm, and maybe something to eat, too.  But, Onslow and Finn were not very welcoming.  Here they are staring daggers at the poor new kitty:They ran it back into the hay barn where it had been hiding.  That’s not very nice, tabbies! 😾

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