Get well, Jewel 🐎

Betty is nice and cozy in the leaves:Evil Cat has a blade of grass in this tail:Hansel and Betty are out with the girls:I’m having a carrot (of course):And Finn is about to take Chezzie for a spin!Finally, what’s going on with Jewel?  Well, she has a swelling in her hock.  A “hock” is the joint in her leg that points backward (see the red circle):Why did she get hurt?  Because she likes to kick the walls of her stall whenever someone’s next to her, like Iris:You have to learn to tolerate company, Jewel:But for the time being, you’re out here getting your injury soothed with cold water, and you’ll get medicine until your leg is healed.  Horses are high-maintenance! 🐴

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