Cat combat!

What is it with black-and-white kitties? Here we have, on the left, for the home team, the middle-weight, Schrödinger the Slaughterer; and for the visitors, in the right corner, the heavy-weight, Tux the Terminator:

photo - Version 2

The above picture was taken after the authorities broke up the match before blood was shed.  Both cats look thoroughly disgusted that a champion was undeclared but the cat cops decided both sides were playing dirty (Cat combat rule One: Keep the claws in the paws!).

Both sides are demanding a rematch but the cat cops are keeping that from happening as best they can.  In the pictures below you can see the pair doing some trash talking (caterwauling like sick cows) during their publicity shots:

DSC04457 - Version 2
DSC04458 - Version 2

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