The blog was closed yesterday due to snow 🐴

If I could have gotten to the computer yesterday, I would have told you that Tux showed up on Friday!  Where on earth does he go all during the summer?Here is our Tux Saturday afternoon in 8” of snow:Why did the first snow of the year have to be the worst (we can only hope). None of us were very amused:But the afternoon was nice compared to the mess that was that morning:Anyway, this (Sunday) morning, L’Orange, Paschal and Pooter (who weren’t even eggs this time last year) got their first taste of snow:Hansel, Gretel, and whatever the other one is called, decided it was better to stay inside:Fernando, Daisy and Percy, however, are old hands at this:They were quite grateful, though, that Mara and Mary put up their heat lamps last night, as it went down to about 10℉.

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