Kitty capers 😺 and fowl deeds 🦆

Once again, it’s raining this morning, but it’s about to let up:Stormy picked up a boo-boo on his forehead:But I’m looking great, if I do say so myself:Since it poured all night, which meant we spent all night in the stall, there was some horse crime:But putting back Jewel’s door is something “management” is used to doing:Charlie will again have to spend the day in her stall, but she’s taking it well:Oh look:  Evil Cat is wearing a veil of cobwebs:If you would let the cat-cops near you, Evil, they would take it off (but of course, they would also take you to the vet). 🙀

Finally, this morning, we have “ducks behind bars!”Yesterday they were caught crossing the street—which is a serious duck crime!  So today they are on lock-down:Crossing the street is not only dangerous for ducks, but dangerous for drivers who might swerve to get out of the way! 😿

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