Windy Friday 🐎

On Friday we had wind gusts of 60 MPH! It took its toll on the farm (and our breakfast hay).  To start, some of the front fascia on the garage blew off:The cat cops (who could hardly stand up) put it in with the ducks (who had to be treated for nervousness with high doses of meal worms):Here’s a picture of the lawn furniture.  It must have been blown into the yard and put back by Rich or one of our other farmer friends (we think.  We know one of the cat cops had to walk across the road and pick up the recyclables and a poultry waterer):Security Chief Luigi notes a minor blow-over of a jumping post:The Chief orders this tarp to be temporarily stored in the chicken coop:The roof blew off the roosters’ house.  It was located about 20 feet away:Finally, Chief Luigi, and Emergency Management Supervisor Pumpkin, make sure the sharp slice of aluminum that blew off the hay barn is safely weighed down:Oh, and we had our evening hay in the stable so we didn’t have to run after it:

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